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20140802-062014.jpgSo here I am in my digs, over in Liverpool, city of my fathers (and mothers) just putting the final touches to the speech and hoping that the grey skies defy the weather forecasts and don’t deliver the promised downpour. At one o’clock, at the church at Walton on the hill, I hand over our firstborn to one of the nicest, kindest and thoughtful men I have ever had the pleasure to meet.
So thoughtful, in fact, he brought Gina across to France last September, ostensibly for a late summer break, so he could ask me in person for her hand.
Today’s match will be brought to us by Trev the Rev, a twinkly, wry vicar, who took us through our paces on Thursday. One of the hymns will be ‘one more step’, and that’s exactly how it feels; one more step, one more daughter married, one more connection.
And, it might not rain…