An open musselWell, maybe not quite the last; I am sure there will be more. But it feels like they should be the last. This weekend started out overcast with a cooling drizzle that seemed to say, “C’mon guys, you’ve had your fun. Time to get back to work.” The market, which has been heaving over the last few weeks, was strangely quiet. No queues, even for the insanely popular dairy counter (not so insane if you know how the Normans like their cream and butter). And the mussels? Well they were in shorter supply than usual, looking a little forlorn alongside the Lobster and Whelks, still in full spate. So, it’s official: la rentrée is here. Time to get off the beach, out of the swimming trunks and back in the office.

This week, the English classes resume and I need to get myself back in gear. I hope that means I will start blogging again a little more regularly, but who knows? It’s been a great summer, but now it’s time to order the firewood for winter.