About this blog


This blog is mainly about writing. Writing fantasy specifically, but mainly just about writing. It follows my progress turning a writing project into a trilogy, hopefully a published trilogy over the course of a year. The blog will also have links to writing and editing tips I have found useful as well as other sources of inspiration that have helped shape my work.


Secondly I will use this to comment on the books I am reading. I have brought a massive amount of material with me and expect to read at least half of it during the course of the year. This will be a useful repository for the discoveries I make in other people’s work.

Living in France

Well, yes I have chosen to spend my year here in France so it seems right that I use some column space to comment on how I find living in a different country and the challenges and rewards this offers. One of the reasons for choosing to live abroad while writing is to help build empathy for my central character who lives away from her homeland. We’ll see if my experiences influence the way I develop her character.


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  1. Hope you’ll accept the Versatile Blogger Award? http://restlessjo.wordpress.com/2012/03/21/awards-2/

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