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French advertising for breadPeople often ask me about the differences in culture between the French and British. One glaring example is their approach to food. Even the humblest of french food, the baguette, is revered and eulogised.

Take this advertising slogan I found on the wrapper of my breakfast baguette: “Cybèle est née de l’alliance entre artiste et l’artisane, elle mêle tradition et savoir-faire. Guidée par la main de l’homme, Cybèle restitue les saveurs subtiles d’un pain d’excellence. La baguette de légende.”

Roughly translated: “Cybèle was born from an alliance between artist and craftsman; it melds tradition with know-how. Guided by man’s hand, Cybéle restores the subtle flavours of excellent bread. The Legendary Baguette.”

Somehow I can’t see the Standard British White Sliced living up to that…