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Pile of gift boxesUsually when I hear this, it means someone is trying to persuade me to buy something, but today it was genuinely meant. 30% off my cheese bill, 20% off the eggs and a free rose when I bought a plant for the doorstep.

Maybe it’s because today is quatorze juillet, perhaps it’s because the sun is shining, for the first time in at least a week, or it could just be my sunny disposition. Whatever the reason, it reminded me of why I like living here: people are genuinely friendly.

This weekend, the town is filling up with holidaymakers; my neighbours arrived from Paris in the night. They visited this morning with an invitation to dinner. On the way back from market I bumped into six friends and made two more.

Last night was the last concert of the season. The orchestra meets again in September. It felt really strange to think that might have been be the last time I played with them; that would be the case if I go back to the UK.

I really need to make a decision.