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Ink drawing of string trio in the style of Jean DubuffetOur art teacher wanted us to focus on different modern styles this week: Fauvism, Pop-Art, Cubism, Naïve and Art Brut. Inspired by last weekend of music and with apologies to the descendants of Jean Dubuffet (and the members of the orchestra, none of whom look like these characters!) I took the plunge and had a stab at Art Brut. (For the real deal look here). Normally this kind of thing doesn’t float my boat, but I found it so enjoyable I’ve started a second, a painting this time, in the same style, using paint thickened with plaster, applied with a knife. Totally different from my usual style. And certainly not as easy as it looked.

It really is refreshing to jump out of your comfort zone once in a while (although it seems to be once a week for me recently!) It’s got me thinking about my writing, which has become a bit stale recently, probably as a result of too many edits. It might be a good time to try something different, just to restart the engine. There’s a flash fiction competition coming up; I might just…