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Cat in a basketSo, with Misch getting used to the roads and traffic up here in the old town, I was starting to feel a bit more relaxed letting her roam. But yesterday a new threat emerged; over-concerned tourists.

I returned from my art class to be greeted by Misch on the doorstep, looking (as always) very pleased to see me. Five minutes later a neighbour arrived, asking if Misch was safely at home. My first thought was that she had been hit by another car, but no; it seems my neighbour had to intervene to prevent a woman walking off with her. She had picked Misch up off the pavement and when challenged told her that the cat was clearly lost. ‘No she isn’t,’ said my neighbour. ‘See, she has a collar and an ID tag showing she has a microchip. The owner lives here.’

Apparently she convinced the tourist to let her go and Misch ran off. So many people have commented about her colouring (I suppose tortoiseshell is rare here) and her Siamese parentage makes her a little more distinctive than most. I often see people stopping to stroke her in the street. But it seems I will need to be a bit more vigilant now: maybe a label on her collar: ‘Pas perdue, je suis riverain’?