oyster shell

But the sign said nothing about cats! Since Misch has had more freedom she tends to follow me even more when I am out and about. I didn’t expect her to follow me all the way down to the beach. It was funny to watch her reaction to the sand and the rock pools.

Of course there are very few people there these days, except those armed with hammers and chisels prising the oysters off the rocks. (I was lucky to find the complete shell shown here).

Misch is still not the most sensible cat when it comes to traffic; she has already been hit by one car and occasionally stops the traffic outside the house because she has decided to lie down in the middle of the road. Yesterday my neighbour had to get out of his car to lift her off the road and pop her through my window! She now follows me to the shops at the end of the road and waits outside, like a dog. We are in danger of becoming a tourist attraction!