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Old photo of Granville CarnivalAnd the sun is shining! Granville is filling up with visitors for the 138th annual carnival. The grand procession is tomorrow and throughout the next four days there will be music, dancing, confetti fights, lots of Pastis being drunk and general ribaldry.

Forty floats this year, countless marching bands of various genres and a hundred thousand visitors. It is one of the biggest in the north of France and is worth a visit if you are ever in this part of the world in February. I have my programme and I’m busy choosing which events to include this year.

It doesn’t seem a year since I was last at the carnival, moving the first carload of stuff into the house ready for the Sabbatical. A lot has happened in the last year, I’ve made lots of new friends, finished one book, started a second, restarted the first book, joined an art class, joined an orchestra, acquired a cat. I’m committed to staying until September and seriously wonder what I will do after that. I have got used to this way of life; it will seem strange to start again in England. Maybe, with some luck and hard work it may not come to it. Who knows? But for now, it’s party time!