I thought I’d celebrate the change of style for the blog with a few pictures of home as seen from my daily walk. First a break in the clouds gave this amazing view over the harbour:

view over the harbour, Granville, FranceThe light on the sea just sets it off nicely. In the distance is St Pair sur Mer, with the marina in the foreground.




Second, the Porte St Jean, the ‘back door’ to the town:

Archway in Granville, FranceThe light in the late afternoons is amazing.














The view up the Rue St Jean is completely different:

Rue St Jean, Granville, France

I love the randomness of the buildings here; they give the place a sense of being thrown together.












The Church: Église Notre Dame du Cape Lihou

Church in Granville, FranceSteeple shining in the evening sun.














A view from the Ramparts:

Gulls perched on the chimneysTaking advantage of the warmth.










And as ever, I’m being followed by Misch, who is now much more adventurous (and thankfully much more wary of the cars!)

Tortoise-shell catOn the prowl!