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clinking champagne glasses

Having spent a wonderful Christmas with my daughters, I am back once more at my desk re-editing my grande œuvre. So far, I have been invited out three times; once for aperos at my neighbours, last night for dinner with another and tonight back with the family across the street for New Year’s Eve dinner. So, I have a tarte aux framboises ready in the fridge as my contribution to tonight’s repas.

I feel I am ending the year on a bit of a low spot; I’m still waiting for the agency to get back about the manuscript I submitted, meanwhile I have had mixed feedback from other writers and I am rethinking the opening (again). I’m just wondering how many times I will end up re-editing before I get sick of it. Seeing people in England reminded me how much I am missing friends and family. Then, coming home to a really cold house and a dwindling supply of firewood, with a sore back from the driving and the channel crossing, has put the dampers on the celebrations more than a little. And I broke a tooth over Christmas. At least I won’t be seeing the new year in alone.

2012 could be a decisive year for me. If I have a future as a writer then I can think about where I go next. I am committed to staying in France until September, but with an income from writing I could stay longer. At the same time, I need to be realistic and start putting feelers out for work (which may mean a return to the UK).

First, I need to find an osteopath and a good dentist.  A very Happy New Year to you all!