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My cat sat on my chairAnd that means the one I was just sitting in a moment ago. I might have got up to put a log on the fire or to boil a kettle and I turn around and not only is she on my seat but she is asleep already! I don’t blame her. The last few days has seen the temperature fall quite considerably and even with the woodburner going flat out, it’s rarely above 16 degrees in here.

Tonight I brave the Channel storms and take the ferry back to Portsmouth. Six hours on the high seas (well, almost). I was listening to the weather warnings on France Info in the car and it all sounded a bit serious, with ‘state orange’ (high alert, dangerous weather conditions) being announced and storm force winds out in the Atlantic heading our way. Fortunately the forecast shows the wind changing to the north around midnight, with the speed dropping from 42 knots at its peak (with gusts of 78 – my!) to a gentler 12/26. I pity anyone travelling this afternoon with waves of 4.5 metres in the channel. I just hope the forecast is right…

I will be with my daughters over Christmas and Misch will be stealing someone else’s chair for the next two weeks. I hope I  can get the odd blog in and maybe even a six worder here or there, but no promises. So before I forget, all of you out there have a wonderful Christmas. I’ll probably see you in 2012.