The Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Another trip to Paris, this time a bit longer and much more enjoyable than the last, thanks in the main to the generosity of my art teacher who lent me her pied à terre in the 14th. So this time I got to see the usual touristy bits, although I did not achieve my goal of Christmas shopping.

The apartment was delightful and only four stops from my mainline station. I got to see my neighbour’s exhibition (Edmée Guyon), had a nice dinner out with my daughter and her boyfriend, walked miles and simply enjoyed myself. I even managed to re-write the ending of the trilogy while I was on the Metro! This ending makes much more sense of the rest of the story.

Found a wonderful Anglo-American bookstore in The Marrais: The Village Voice, 6 rue Princess and met the delightfully quirky Michael Neal, who offered me a reading engagement once I get published! Bought a few books including The legend of Sigurd and Gudrún, by JRR himself, now in paperback, which will help enormously with the research.

Then home again on the fast train to find Misch waiting for me. Thanks to Marie for taking care of her while I was away.