My cat, sat in the window

Misch’s first visit to the vet for a once-over and immunisations. She behaved perfectly, much to my surprise – didn’t even try to bite the véterinaire. The next one will be a little more serious: sterilisation and an electric chip for identification (then I can get a passport). She is settling in well and has put on weight, hardly surprising given her immense appetite.

She still follows me in the street, which never fails to invite interest and comment. That, and her habit of sitting on my shoulders while I am working at my desk. But, until she gets used to the traffic here I am still nervous about letting her wander free. In any case, not until she has had her tubes tied. I don’t want any bonnes surprises!

Best of all a wonderful neighbour has offered to take her for Christmas, so I can go home without worrying.