British Crumpets - on sale in France Although my offering for Six Word Saturday could have been ‘I almost forgot again this week’. Here are the crumpets – or ‘pikelets, if you are from my neck of the woods – made in Britain and branded for France: Petites Crêpes Anglaises à Toaster, it says on the packet, for sale in Monoprix in Paris, apparently. I had only mentioned in passing that they were the one commodity I couldn’t get in the shops here and that I missed them. (Maybe I miss them precisely because I can’t get them here.) They appeared hanging from my doorknob in a pink plastic bag, with a note from Yan and Isabelle, wishing me bon appetit.

I can’t quite get over the girl in a kilt on the packaging – not sure what this does for the crumpet’s image, unless the marketers have misread the dictionary definition. Or, maybe they are just covering both bases, as it were, to be on the safe side.

So, my friends, I shall be crumpetting for mes petits déjeuners all this week, thanks to you, Monoprix and the company (Regent’s Park? Hmmm) that had the foresight to bring this very British delicacy to La belle France. And to you, dear reader for visiting.