Drawing of a Raku figurineSo… today I signed up for an art class here in the old town. There is a new Atelier for budding artists to complement the established studios of the professional artists and sculptor here. The course is pretty informal and is led by the indomitable Mme Brigitte Cornier, most days of the week. I shall make Tuesdays my painting day; once a week will be enough I think. Today was the first time I used acrylics and found them quite unlike oils which are more flexible and forgiving. We shall see what the results turn out like – I may even share them.

We spent the first hour on Dessin, the results of which show how out of practice I am. As the prof reminded me, I need to draw a little each day, even if it is half an hour.

The secondary reason for the art class was to meet new people and practice my french, both objectives which were duly met. A delightful and friendly bunch of people, mainly around my age and very understanding about my poor grammar and comprehension. This should do me good.

Tomorrow the water heater man comes to take away the leaky heater and hopefully install a new leak free version. Don’t know what I’d do without hot water here. The shower is one of my few luxuries.

Another bonus; one of my daughters is coming out at the end of May and will stay with me for a few days. I know she will be a distraction from the writing but it’s great that I will have some company. She also speaks better french than me, which will be a help. I need to focus on some solid writing for the next few days, to keep up the momentum. First (self-imposed) deadline is looming fast!